Human Rights are Universal Rights
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To educate citizens and creating awareness on National & international Human rights.


The principal aim of the society is to network, assist promote, encourage, train and support persons who are working on the issues of Human Rights and Consumer Rights who are involved in Social development, Employment Generation and Human Rights issues.

To bring youth of various states, Countries and communities together to exchange views and builds responsible citizens.

To initiate Training, Research, Documentation and Publish periodicals, and materials on Human Rights issues and process and also collaborate with Human Rights and Consumer Rights Development agencies, Academic/Research Organizations, Universities and individuals interested in such programs and activities.

To network with Human Rights and Consumer Rights Institutes, Youth Organizations, Government Youth Department, Automobiles bodies, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), Private and Public Funds agencies and individuals involved in Human Rights and consumer rights as well as social developmental activates.

To provide visits and exposure program for voluntary organizations, youth groups and academic community and government official interested in Human Rights and Consumer activities

To Establish and maintain information services, library and documentation, audiovisual production and publication units on Human Rights and Consumer Rights and social development related issues.

To respond immediately in case of any disaster situation irrespective of religion, cast, races and will serve strictly on the Humanitarian grounds.

To analyze the scale of the disaster and give the accurate information to the local government bodies and non-government organizations.

To spread awareness about protection of environment and population control.

To Promote / solve Cause of health care, Food problem, Housing/ Shelter problem and humanitarian Relief/ Refugees/ Indigenous peoples problem. To help disabled, children, Youth, AIDS patients, Ageing people, Drug Addicts, HIV Victims.

To promote welfare of labor union rights and Economic and social development.

To promote and educate equality as well as international integration, Brotherhood, nonviolence, Love, Peace promotion of Human Right for all.

To provide legal aid and advice for the indigent and weaker sections of society and to global health and global population charge.

To create an environment as well as an understanding that human rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and process of power and to examine the interdependence and international levels.

To make people aware of human right duties privileges, conduce training camps and workshops, establish old age homes, schools and colleges, research and medical colleges and human rights camps.

To effectively work for gender inequalities exploitations and injustice as also to encourage/ assist talented artist, poets, singers, writers, social worker, journalists, doctors, etc.

To help freedom fighters, widows/war widows and orphans and running schools, colleges and similar institutions.

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